If Jason Bateman was on your “Jew or non-Jew” debate list, you can immediately take him off. This interview from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart proves his knowledge of Jewish culture lacks.

They start out by discussing the meaning of the word chazerai, which segues into an incoherent anecdote where Bateman tries to explain he once mistook the items on a Seder plate for game pieces. It ends with the two clowns trying to do a l’chaim, to which Bateman even screws that up.

Stewart sums it up best: “I’m not even religious, I want you to come over to my house on the Sabbath and use all my electrical appliances because I can’t touch them. That’s how goy you are.”

Nowhere in those five minutes do they actually discuss Bad Words, the film Bateman came on to the show to promote. Not that I’m complaining about what went down instead.

Later on the show, Stewart makes a public apology. It turns out Bateman’s defintion of chazerai was correct, while Stewart was wrong. “I’m such a schmuck,” he says with defeat.

Not even Seinfeld came close to the gratuitous amount of Yiddish found in these two clips. Only The Daily Show could pull this off and people would roll with it.