Yesterday was 7-Eleven annual tradition of giving out free Slurpees. And by free, we mean tiny, 12-ounce, shot-sized cups of Slurpee. (Still worth it.)

However 7/11/2015 had the unfortunate problem of falling on a Saturday, meaning Jews observant Shabbat would have to miss out.

“But wait,” you say. “There must have been a good 3 hour window between the end of Shabbat and the midnight of 7/12.”

That may be true, but instead of forcing Slurpee-loving Jews to rush to the nearby convenience store post-Havdalah, this 7-Eleven location in West Hampstead had a better solution.

But it doesn’t stop there. According to YeahThatsKosher, “7-Elevens in West Hempstead, Hewlett, Great Neck in Long Island, NY as well as in Oakhurst, NJ (Deal), and College Park, MD will be offering free small Slurpees on Sunday 7/12 in recognition of the local Jews not being able to take advantage of the promotion on the day before.”

And just in case you had your doubts, yes, some flavors of Slurpee are kosher (check the YeahThatKosher link for the full list).

It’s a small thing for the chain to do, but on a hot summer day, it’s a very thoughtful and considerate thing. B’tayavon!